The Waldegrave hosts several charity quizzes every year, and also runs a small local winter quiz league. Please keep an eye out here and on our news page for details of upcoming events.

Waldegrave Arms Inter-Village Winter Quiz 

30-Oct ✅Litton 90Chewton Mendip 95Priddy 41
05-Nov ✅Ston Easton 90High Norton 74Wranglers 80
12-Nov ✅Litton 88Chewton Mendip 74Ston Easton 82
19-Nov ✅Priddy 46High Norton 94Wranglers 80
26-Nov ✅Litton 84Chewton Mendip 71High Norton 71
03-Dec ✅PriddySton Easton 61Wranglers 76
10-Dec ✅Litton 74Chewton Mendip 65Wranglers 68
17-Dec ✅Priddy 60Ston Easton 77High Norton 83
07-Jan ✅Litton 74Priddy 42Ston Easton 76
14-Jan ✅Chewton Mendip 66High Norton 70Wranglers 82
21-Jan ✅Litton 76Priddy 51High Norton 76
28-Jan ✅Chewton Mendip 66Ston Easton 70Wranglers 76
04-Feb ✅Litton 77Priddy 34Wranglers 81
11-Feb ✅Chewton Mendip 85Ston Easton 55High Norton 73
18-Feb ✅Litton 88Ston Easton 69High Norton 83
25-Feb ✅Chewton Mendip 82Priddy 43Wranglers 58
03-Mar ✅Litton 114Ston Easton 72Wranglers 58
10-MarChewton MendipPriddyHigh Norton
17-MarLittonHigh NortonWranglers
24-MarChewton MendipPriddySton Easton
Played1st2nd3rd Non-Played
Points ScoredLeague Points
1Litton95 1/23 1/2xx76547
2The Wranglers945xx70744
3Ston Easton9242165235
4High Norton82 1/23 + 2 1/21x62434
5Chewton Mendip831/24 + 1/2x60429

Games will consist of eight rounds of ten questions plus a picture board (with ten pictures) as the sixth round at half-time.

A draw is made at the start of the night to determine the order of play. ‘Team 1’ will have the first question of the round. ‘Team 2’ have the second question. ‘Team 3’ have the third question before going back to ‘Team 1’ for the fourth question etc…

If the question is answered correctly by the team ‘in-play,’ they get 3 points. If the answer is incorrect then its passed to the next team in order for 2 points. If incorrect again, it passes to the next team for 1 point. Each picture on the picture board round is worth 2 points.

League Table: Overall winners on the night get 6 points. Runners-up get 4 points and third place get 2 points.

Due to a very late start to the winter quiz season (due to someone having a late holiday 🤔) there will be no spare Sundays to cover any cancellations. To cover this, it has been decided to have a no cancellations policy.

Anyone not able to field their usual side will be given a choice of:

A) Not to play in the game and receive 3 points
B) Play the game with replacement players with a chance of winning 4 or 6 points.

‘Phone a friend’ springs to mind!

Thanks, Derek