Real Ales

Here at the Waldegrave we take great pride in our real ales and always keep at least four on at all times. Trying to keep a good range of strengths and tastes we choose from local breweries such as Butcombe, Cottage Brewery and Slaters Ales to name but a few.


Other Beers and Lager

Heineken UK (Courage) are our main suppliers for these products which has given us an excellent portfolio to choose from. At the moment we stock Courage Best, John Smiths Smooth and Websters in our beer range. And for our lagers we have Kronenbourg, Fosters and Hoffmeister.


Guinness and Cider

We often get praised for our Guinness and it is one of our most popular items especially with some of our darts team members! For our cider we use a local company called Thatchers. They supply us with a lovely dry slightly sparkling cider and again its very popular with some members of the darts team (it’s a surprise we ever win!).



We keep a selection of wines by the glass and by the bottle.


Soft Drinks

These are not popular with the darts team members! Only joking boys… We carry a selection of both Schweppes and Britvic products to try to cater for all tastes.



It’s difficult to post our prices on here as the market is always fluctuating and we are putting specials on all the time,  but if you have any concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us.